ASMC 2023

The Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference in Saratoga Springs is just one month away !

I’m looking forward to meet many industry experts and discuss Factory Physics topics in person. Here are some of my personal Agenda highlights:

  • Keynote: Salvatore Coffa from STMicroelectronics – Silicon Carbide
  • Keynote: Thomas Sonderman from SkyWater Technologies – US Chips Act
  • Panel Discussion: Unintended Consequences of Government Subsidies on Moore’s Law and the Future of Semiconductors

and of course plenty of interesting technical presentations – these are some of my favorites:

  • How to Teach Semiconductor Manufacturing and Why it is so Difficult
  • Impact of Effective Technical Training in a Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility
  • Automation in R&D: complying with contradictory constraints of seemingly incompatible world 
  • Granularity of Processing Times Modeling in Semiconductor Manufacturing 
  • Deploying an Integrated Framework of Fab-wide and Toolset Schedulers To Improve Performance in a Real Large-scale Fab

Hope to see you in person in beautiful Saratoga Springs, NY !

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