Hello everybody,

I finally decided to start my own blog. It will be all about – surprise – 

Factory Physics and Factory Automation

Why am I doing this ?

Over the years I had the chance to work very closely in different companies and their semiconductor factories and I found that especially in the non leading edge companies/FABs a lot of folks are very interested in these topics – but often even basic principles are not known or understood. This was often true for all levels throughout the organization, from operators up to the senior level leadership.

Throughout my professional career I enjoyed learning about these principles and using them for active decision making. I also realized that I liked sharing thoughts about those principles. 

To keep this going also in the future, I will start in a loose frequency posting topics, questions and more. I hope you will get something out of it for your daily business and also contribute to a fruitful discussion and exchange.

Stay tuned for more and if you have suggestions for topics, please let me know, I will for sure give them a try.


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2 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Glad to see your blog Thomas. I’m sharing it with my colleagues. I’ve name-dropped your Factory Physics course at GF many years ago several times so I am happy I can share it with them in a way. Good Luck to you and yours.


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